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Heating stations

Our crucible-heating stations are specifically matched to crucible design, and ensure optimised, operator-friendly heating processes.


  • Energy-efficient burner technology for a variety of fuels (natural gas or propane gas burners, recuperative burners on request)
  • Tried-and-trusted, sturdy station mechanics with integrated gas and air control paths
  • Station operation via PLC
  • Control via operation panel
  • DVGW-tested technology
  • Continuous temperature metering and regulation
  • Infinitely variable burner control
  • Selectable programmes for preheating and holding temperature
  • Programme-controlled crucible drying using configurable heating curves
  • Positioning aids for transport crucibles

Consumption and metering data are continuously taken in real time, and can be recorded in a central database system if required.

Download data sheet crucible heating station

Download data sheet immersion heater

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