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Impeller stations

Impeller stations are used for the post-treatment of aluminium melt in the transport crucibles by using stirring gas.


  • System solutions depending on crucible design and customer installation situation for the station
  • Tried-and-trusted technology with stirring equipment that can be raised, lowered or swivelled
  • Melt bath gas treatment with argon, nitrogen or combined gas
  • Stirring system with centring neck, rotor and gas nozzles
  • Programme-controlled melt-bath treatment with selectable rotor turning direction and speed, stirring gas type and amount, and treatment duration
  • Station operation via PLC


  • Distribution of the gas flow in very fine bubbles
  • Even spread of stirring gas in the melt
  • Optimised stirring of the entire melt
  • Reduction of the melt’s hydrogen component


Download data sheet impeller station

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