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Tilting mechanism

for emptying liquid aluminium transport crucibles

The cruicible tilting mechanism was specifically designed for use in foundries, and gives you the following features:

  • Easy and convenient crucible emptying via central system control with optional remote control
  • Safe handling with low tilting speed and powerful station hydraulics
  • Versatility in use as a stationary or mobile station
  • Safe hydraulic locking control matched to transport crucible feet
  • Small footprint


  • No limits to hall crane capacity during tilting
  • Low tilting speed – no danger of liquid aluminium slopping over

In the standard design, the hall crane places the transport crucible into the station, where it is locked and tilted. As an alternative, the mechanism can be designed for loading using a forklift, where the crucible is placed into the station using a specialised transport frame integrated into the mechanism; the crucible is secured automatically.

Optional accessories:

  • Mounted gas-air burner for holding aluminium melt temperature low while tilting
  • Casting launders in the casting area, either fixed or swivel-mounted


Download data sheet tilting mechanism

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