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Plate saw

Bartz plate saws have been designed for fast and accurate trimming of rolled aluminium sheets with lengths of up to 40 metres and a maximum width of 4.3 metres. By using two high-speed saw units at the same time it is possible to accurately cut both sides in parallel in one pass. As the saw heads can be turned by 90° it is possible to carry out both cross cuts and diagonal cuts. Since two independent saw tables are used, one table can be loaded and unloaded while a plate is being cut inside the sound- and dust-protected cabin at the same time. This reduces non-productive times to a minimum and significantly increases the sawing output.

To enable the sawing process to be perfectly monitored, the complete control system has been installed in an air-conditioned operator cabin that travels along with the work and offers an unrestricted view of the inside of the sawing cabin. In addition, the operator can observe the actual sawing process via two cameras, one installed at each of the two sawing units.

Technical data

Plant dimensions L x B x H: 60 x 30 x 6 m
Saw table dimensions L x B x H: 40.000 x 4.300
Maximum plate size: 39.000 x 4.300 x 300 mm (400 mm)
longitudinal cut: ± 1,5 mm
cross cut: ± 0,75 mm
diagonal cut: ± 2,0 mm
Drive power saw blade: 2x 7,5 kW
Cutting effi ciency: 2x 900 cm2/min
Saw blade lubrication: Unicut minimum lubrication system
Chip removal: automatically via swing and belt conveyor
Control system: Siemens S7-300

Performance overview

    • High cutting performance due to simultaneous use of two saw units
    • Short non-productive times due to the parallel use of the saw tables
    • Small lubricant requirement due to minimum lubrication
    • High degree of automation
    • Comfortable operation and good view of working process due to operator cabin moving with the work


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