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Crucible hot-cleaning stations

Our transport crucibles are mechanically scraped clean while hot in the crucible-cleaning station. The crucible rotates while the cleaning tool is guided along the crucible wall.

Advantages over conventional systems:

  • Fast, simple cleaning
  • No need to let the crucible cool down
  • Gentle cleaning process to increase refractory lining lifetime
  • Crucible can be cleaned in short intervals, preventing waste of space due to deposits

Hot-cleaning of crucibles saves time and money compared to conventional systems, as time lost while waiting for the crucible to cool down or heat up again is kept to a minimum. Apart from that, the low pressure applied by the cleaning tool preserves the refractory lining’s integrity.
The crucible-cleaning station is designed for use on our cruicibles, but the turning mechanism support can be adjusted to the crucible feet you normally use.

Download data sheet crucible hot-cleaning machine

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